StraxAR™ augments real-world pictures and objects into unique experiences and opportunities where you can view, learn, and discover a world beyond your everyday reality!

The most important and interesting subjects, information, people and more are presented as exciting and rare digital experiences for you to see instantly via AR!

Any photograph, logo, painting or object, etc. is a potential channel. Be taken to new heights of emotion and feeling, be the first to hear incredible new artists and songs. Discover stories and messages you can’t find anywhere else and be able to take action!

StraxAR™ is the easiest to use “point and scan” AR app in the world. Any of its target objects or images will start unique experiences immediately worldwide. With the StraxAR™ enterprise platform you can turn any widely distributed image into your own private “broadcast” network, influencing millions of individuals and creating information and monetization opportunities like no other.


  • Simple “point and shoot” usage
  • Powerful usage analytics
  • Reward opportunities at the end of each incredible experience!!
  • Multi-platform
  • Works worldwide

Images and objects are recognizable in the “real world” as print, computer or TV screen and beyond for broad coverage.

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